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Since 2005 we've been helping our clients reduce their recruitment spend with our unique contingency-inspired online agency. Fixed fee recruitment options may seem attractive but they offer no guarantees that you are going to get a return on your investment. A bit of a false economy we'd say!

We offer a trusted and innovative alternative with our low fee hire model with no upfronts costs and a no wasted budget guarantee.    

Six reasons why fixed price recruitment advertising might actually be more costly to your business than you first thought.

  • Limited candidate reach - many fixed fee recruitment advertisers are blocked by job boards
  • Open-ended costs - if you don’t get a result within the advertising duration you’ll have to pay again.
  • Irrelevant CVs - you’ll have to wade through these yourself
  • Cumbersome candidate management - managing candidates via email is tiring and long-winded
  • Interview scheduling - you’ll have to do this yourself
  • No peace of mind -even if you do secure a candidate what happens if they don't start or leave soon after joining? You've got it, more costs!

We provide solutions to these problems. Call us on 0800 294 3113

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#1 online agency since 2005. With our no upfront charge agency model we're the go-to guys for over 1700 awesome Start-Ups to Global Brands. Online recruitment that works!

Tell us about your superstar candidate

From Intern to Exec level just let us know who you’re looking for and we’ll find them. We’ll work with you to define your perfect candidate.

We find the talent you need

With unrivalled access to the best candidate search tools (career portals, social & internal and external candidate networks) we have the ability to source on a local and global level.

We help you select the right candidate

We assess every candidate to ensure they match your spec. Review the best candidates centrally using our easy, timesaving and collaborative agency technology.

Interview your shortlist

We organise and manage the entire interview process for you. We take care of all candidate communications and prep to ensure they’re ready to go!

UK's 4th Largest Food Retailer

UK's 4th Largest Food Retailer

RecruitmentRevolution.com offers a flexible, innovative service which has proved successful across both volume recruitment campaigns and niche, difficult-to-fill vacancies.

Heritage British Fashion Brand

Heritage British Fashion Brand

RecruitmentRevolution.com understands our business, they deliver quality candidates to an interactive, intuitive site that is easy to navigate and simplifies what could otherwise be an onerous process, let’s face it.