Everything you need to know about Recruitment Revolution – Your fully-managed talent sourcing & experience partner.

RR is your talent sourcing & experience partner. We provide all the service you need to find & hire great talent at a price that works. And we do this in a way that just makes the hiring process a better experience for all.

Think of us as your very own on-demand talent team working as one with your business, managing as much or as little of the process as you need: you choose.

More firepower. More time back. Reduced stress.

We offer an agency service without the agency fee. Traditional % fee agencies are too transactional, expensive and who are they rooting for? Is it the candidate, the hiring company or themselves? It’s all a bit chaotic.

As your collaborative partner, we work exclusively for you to achieve your hiring goals, and we do this by championing a more organic way.

No sales tactics. No airbrushing CVs. No false promises. No selling candidates to the highest bidder. No funny business. We remixed the agency model back in 2005 and created our own unique way of doing things.

The best way!

We are proud to be a trusted partner to an incredible range of companies, from start-ups (needing the right seed talent), and scaling brands (needing specialist talent to grow faster) to household names & global corporations hiring for a vast range of roles right up to senior leadership level.

We work with companies of all shapes and sizes with different requirements & different budgets: whether that be reaching more talent or having us in their corner supporting & managing the process end to end.

Sitting between DIY hiring and recruitment agencies, at RR we’ve established a unique position where clients come to us to either scale up & enhance their direct hiring (whilst locking down a fixed cost) or as a smarter and more cost-effective alternative to traditional agencies.

A true best-of-both-worlds.

Note: you are completely free to have RR running alongside your own efforts and agencies. No restrictions here. And being RR, in some cases we might decide to take a different approach to see if we can unlock untapped potential.

We supercharge & organise hiring for time poor business owners and hiring managers who ship RR in as a complete hiring solution to get the job done. We work as an extension to your business and take care of everything you’d love to do inhouse if only you had more time, budget & resources.

More talent options, people-power & service vs DIY hiring 💪 & way more cost effective than outdated recruitment agencies.

For enterprise resourcing teams – we feed your talent pipeline whilst you focus on engaging with and converting the best talent.

We might just be HR’s best friend. We handle the sourcing, screening and hiring admin whilst they focus on delivering a first class people-experience and attend to high value tasks.

We also team up with HR Consultancies, Freelance HR Business Partners, Business Coaches and Growth Consultancies who come to RR for guidance and support with finding the best talent for their clients.

People Power meets Marketing.

We think like marketers to attract talent creatively and solve hiring challenges, working in close partnership with you to manage the process: we become your hiring team.

In 2005, we challenged the traditional recruitment agency model and developed a new approach that everyone we spoke to wanted.

In particular, we are a partner to your business, not just a supplier. And because we represent our clients, not candidates, they sleep better at night knowing there’s no funny business or tactics at play to ‘close the placement’. No reworking & spinning candidate CVs, high pressure sales tactics, engineering placements or re-marketing the same candidates to the highest bidder.

As a sourcing expert with 18.5 years on the tools we source Grads to C-Suite for our clients who sit in a multitude of sectors across the UK, Europe and Internationally.

As a talent sourcing specialist we supercharge your talent pool by reaching both active and passive talent. With a vast portfolio of job boards (generalist, niche & local), candidate databases, our own networks as well as paid media channels, we reach talent at lightning speed.

🚀 We pioneered a new kind of agency-model back in 2005
💰 We’re cost-effective
✔️ We are 100% people-powered. RR isn’t some-kind of automated platform
✔️ 18.5 years of know-how and experience of running & transforming hiring campaigns
🤲 We work WITH you not in competition with you. You can even point your careers page or social channels to us and we’ll screen & manage direct candidates too
✔️ We focus 100% on service, not sales. We don’t do any outbound sales whatsoever!
✔️ We work with integrity – RR stands against the poor traditional recruitment agency practices that exist
✔️ We believe hiring is marketing and think like marketers to attract, win & convert talent
✔️ No conflict of interest. We represent our clients, not candidates and work to connect you with great talent vs engineering placements
✔️ We’re invested, agile and accountable – if we’re not seeing the right results we step-up to drive immediate change
✔️ You’re in good company. We work with some of the most innovative industry movers & shakers out there
🏆 2020 and 2021 Feefo Gold Star for Service. 2022, 2023 & 2024 Platinum Award for Service
🏵️ REC accredited

If you are hiring for multiple roles let us know and we’ll endeavour to look after you.
If you are a volume recruiter hiring 20+ roles per year then we need to chat about our Enterprise Talent Boost Credits. Same great service – just very easy on the budget 🙂

Please message us or call us 0800 294 3113 for all questions.

Successful hiring requires the right mix of expertise, people, sourcing channels, tech, time & energy. (P.S. So many don’t value their personal time – what’s your time worth?)

Our ‘Hire’ option has been designed to give hiring stakeholders everything they need to hire successfully.

  • Sourcing, Shortlisting, Offers
  • Consulting, Sourcing Strategy & Onboarding
  • Dedicated Resourcing & Candidate Experience Team
  • Research & Content
  • Performance management
  • Tech

Our ‘Hire’ option is also backed by our 12 week Service Pledge meaning we’re right by your side to get the job done, even if it takes a bit longer.

Our ‘Hire+’ service just takes things a little further – more screening tools, more flexibility, more branding, longer time to build a talent pool and perhaps most notably the inclusion of our VERRIFIED™ service to save you even more time.

How frustrating is it when you spend time setting up interviews, then more time conducting interviews to find the candidate isn’t aligned? They want £10K more than listed, they can’t get to your office and it turns out they don’t have the key traits you need. With RR’s VERRIFIED™ service we validate all the key info to give you a headstart in the process and to ensure your time is solely-focussed on progressing the most suitable candidates.

Our Talent Engagement Partner service is for clients who:

  • Want to be presented with the top 5 candidates
  • Are inexperienced recruiters
  • Are time poor
  • Don’t want to delegate the selection process to the team
  • Want the right support and structure in the hiring process
  • Want a fair, diverse and unbiased hiring process
  • Want to create an amazing hiring experience for candidates
  • Want to elevate their employee brand image