Save £1000


£575 Agency Fee

No Upfront Payment

  • Feedback on candidates in 7 days
  • Committed to fill the role with us and to pay our exclusive most discounted fee either way
  • FREE Hire Replacement Guarantee
Save £700


£875 Agency Fee

No Upfront Payment

  • Feedback on candidates in 14 days
  • Unique Fee Waiver Guarantee if you do not Appoint*
  • Stop the service at anytime
  • FREE Hire Replacement Guarantee

Open Source

£1575 Agency Fee

No Upfront Payment

  • Feedback on candidates in 21 days
  • Unique Fee Waiver Guarantee if you do not Appoint*
  • No Fee if hired candidate is submitted first via another source*
  • Stop the service at anytime
  • FREE Hire Replacement Guarantee

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We work on the principle that "Time Kills Recruitment".

Recruiters who work faster stand a better chance of hiring good talent quickly before others beat you to it. Acting quickly within these timeframes helps deliver faster KPIs, reduce hiring time and helps to keep costs down. Commit to work more quickly and we reward you in advance with better rates and a unique fee waiver guarantee if we cannot help you hire (Multi & Open Source). Yes, we'll swallow all the costs. That's pretty special.

And let's not forget etiquette. As a trusted agency we strive for a first class candidate experience and our reputation is crucial for us. Candidates deserve feedback and we need to ensure that they receive it. No application black holes here!

All our options offer the same great service no matter whether you are recruiting for an Intern or CEO.

If you can work quickly, action (decline or invite for interview) submitted candidates in 7 days and are happy to commit to our lowest fee (even if you hire elsewhere), to lock down our best rate it’s the Sole Source all the way.

If you want more time to action candidates (14 days) with access to our Unique Fee Waiver Guarantee if we cannot help you find a candidate, go with our Multi-Source option.

And if you want even more time to action candidates (21 days), access to our Unique Fee Waiver Guarantee and the removal of any candidate who has already applied for your role in the past 6 weeks via another recruitment source, choose our Open-Source option.

Simply follow the Multi or Open Source terms and you will enjoy a "No Hire, No Fee" experience courtesy of our unique fee waiver promise.

Fixed Fee / Flat Fee Advertising solutions may appear really cheap but in reality they are an open-ended approach to recruiting: you never know how much you’ll need to spend to get a result. Independent research suggests it takes 44 days to recruit so you might need to double their prices from the start. With RR you know exactly what your cost is in advance.

Also consider your time costs to screen applications, organise interviews and manage the process. And what happens if your chosen candidate withdraws or accepts a counter offer? Yes, you'll need to restart the whole process again - which means more costs!

Like us, our friends on the "High Street" offer managed agency benefits but you'll pay 15-20% fees! Ouch.

No. It happens, candidates can change their mind but the great news is that RR Sole, Multi and Open Source customers all benefit from our unique FREE "Hire Replacement Service". We'll simply re-engage our service to help you rehire at no extra cost. (qualification terms apply)

The unique RR agency model is a cost-effective way to hire made possible by the action timings attached to each option.

It’s quite simple really, enable us to work within these timings (so we can do our job to the best of our ability) and if we cannot find you a candidate we promise we’ll waive our fee in full. That’s a promise.

(Multi & Open Source clients only).

Our great service includes

Over 10 years of market knowledge and recruiting know-how
Vast candidate reach via mass online advertising & headhunting
We successfully source talent across multi-sectors and at all levels
We ensure all candidates put forward align with your expectations
We schedule and manage all your interviews
Innovative low cost per hire agency model. No silly fees
Long service run. No repeat monthly costs
A positive candidate experience is at the heart of our service
Time saving online management tools let you collaborate with colleagues and communicate with candidates
Choose our Open Source option and applications submitted first via other sources within previous 4 weeks will be removed
FREE Hire Replacement Service if your candidate declines your job offer, backs-out after acceptance or walks-outs within the first 30 days
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*Terms apply, available upon request. Prices exclude VAT.

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