43% of Employees Believe They could do a Better Job than Their Manager

An interesting story grabbed our attention this week on OnRec. Apparently, over 40% of employees believe they could do a better job than their current boss. We feel the key is to open dialogue and discuss constructively any issues you may have. We have summarised below:

A recent survey conducted by the Expert Training Systems (ETS) reveals that disgruntled attitudes of employees generally evolve around a lack of confidence in management. Almost half of over 450,000 employees polled believed that given the opportunity, they could perform better than their current boss concerning management. A quarter of the employees feel that bosses obtaining careers in management lack adequate skills and training.

Employees having jobs in lower echelon positions particularly complain that 91 percent of the time, supervisors do not acquire feedback from workers; supervisors do not offer praise for jobs well done, and do not provide constructive critiques when needed. The survey suggests that there are a small percentage of employees who currently experience open communication with management. Employees believe that appropriate rapport between workers and supervisors enhances overall job (/search) performance.

Head of Business Psychology at ETS, Hannah Stratford, agrees: “Communication skills that include employee feedback serve to enhance company productivity. Employees cannot offer better performance unless they know which areas require improvement.” Stratford suggests that companies have manager recruitment programmes that focus on personal high achievement levels rather than on communication and people managing skills.

Hopefully companies evaluate these surveys and take note from employee suggestions. By providing honest and specific answers to problem areas, employee surveys offer a means of improving working conditions in addition to increasing productivity.

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