Social Networking at Work: How Back-Office Social Media Boosts Communication & Creativity


We have often discussed the benefits of social media as a company/client communication tool and a platform for marketing strategy, however the power of a back-office social networking program specifically for use by employees is not frequently utilised. Could letting your staff socially network at work help creativity and productivity?

Social Media Power

Source for Consulting in partnership with Advanced Business Solutions (Advanced) recently conducted research that demonstrated a huge percentage of UK-based employees believed social integration via a back-office network would be beneficial for many aspects of their business. Whereas 86% of companies use social media as a tool of marketing and communicating with consumers, just 17% have applied the same premise to their in-house communications.

Employees checking their Facebook on company time is obviously frowned upon, but the integration of a dedicated network through which employees can glean knowledge and creativity from their working peers can be of huge importance to their productivity as a team.

Learning to Talk
69% of the employees questioned in the research said they respond to customer queries, engage in conversations with potential clients and build relationships with suppliers through social media platforms. This large percentage demonstrates that it is a practice that works, so why are so many businesses not choosing to facilitate the same practices within their company structure?

An intranet or back-end social network is an excellent way for employees to build their own working relationships within a team, a particular benefit to companies with many offices or a team that do not work closely together. Employees and managers are given the chance to have constant communication that is focused both on team building and work-related brainstorming.

Social Recruitment
Social networking from the very beginning of the recruitment process also allows potential employees to better understand the candidates they interview. Only 21% of mid-level companies utilise social media as a tool for engaging with potential employees, and with so many people looking for work via social sites, it seems a waste not to see what can be done.
Being able to talk with candidates immediately, from the very start of the process, can cut down the time it takes to fill a position, which saves money for the business and allows the candidate to get straight to work and reach full productivity much quicker. The world of social media is quickly finding relevance almost everywhere in terms of the consumer, so why not turn it back on the business and gain the benefits of real employee communication.

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