A New Research Report Raises Awareness of the Danger in Working Long Hours

When you choose to work more than 11 hours each day, as opposed to a typical 8 hour, 9 to 5 workday, you are increasing your risk for heart disease. A current medical research study brought these scary new findings to light. The Annals of Internal Medicine journal published the study.

A team from the University College London, monitored the health of over 7,000 workers aged 39 to 62, in civil service jobs from 1985 to present years. While the study was still going on, 192 of the study’s participants had a heart attack.

The results determined that if a person works over 11 hours a day, he is 67% more likely to suffer from a heart attack in his lifetime than a person who works 8 hours or less. In addition, study proprietors determined that if GPs decided to add a question about work hours to their typical list of heart history questions, during medical interviews, they would catch about 6,000 more potential heart attack patients each year.

The study’s research leader, Professor Mika Kivimaki felt that the study should lead to improved decision making when it came to the medication and treatment of heart disease.

Proponents of the study also hope that the study will serve as wake up call for individuals who feel that it is just fine to overwork themselves on a regular basis. These people should know that they are in danger, and if there are other risk factors involved, the danger is even greater.

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