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A non recruitment post! An Example of Great Communication in Challenging Times

Over the past 5-6 weeks as a business we have seen great examples of clients and suppliers who have acted empathetically and ethically at a time where there has been so much uncertainty and stress. Companies led by long term-thinking leaders who understand that we are all in this together and the only way out of this is to stick together.

Sadly, it’s also been a real shame to see examples of those who feel the best approach is to become totally incommunicado. “Maybe if I ignore them they will go away”. Wrong. This just makes everything so much worse, right?

This email dropped into our email folder a few weeks ago and it was a real breath of fresh air: a company that felt it important enough to broadcast this out on a Saturday morning. They’ve also taken the opportunity to plug their products. Good, why shouldn’t they.

In our opinion this was a really well thought out, timely and smart piece of reassuring communication.  Good job Liquidline!

Good morning All,

I trust you, your family and colleagues are well.  Covid 19 has certainly gathered momentum and the extent of the impact is not known for anyone of us.  However, here at Liquidline we are embracing this challenge with a positive mindset.

We have a team that are as committed as ever to work together and get through this and it’s this level of working relationship that has helped Liquidline grow significantly since our early beginnings in 2003.   For those of you that have worked with us since then or only just more recently we have a message for you:

  • No 1 Liquidline is in a stable position and we have extensively worked through forecasts and stress tested significant downturn in sales
  • As I have already said we are approaching this with positivity and believe by working together we can come out of this stronger
  • We may need support further downline with payment terms but we will speak with you if this is required – in the meantime we are committed to paying you as ever on time
  • We are doing everything we can to maximise sales and if you have any ideas or insights that you believe may help us I would be delighted to hear from you

We have put together a homeworking coffee pack – that supports the NHS whilst keeping employees feeling loved at home!   Maybe this might be something of interest for you and your team?

We look forward to being in touch again soon and meantime keep safe, keep smiling

Kind Regards

Gavin Pooley
Managing Director

Be honest. Be ethical and just COMMUNICATE. If you need extra support the likelihood is that it will be given. Doing nothing causes stress all around. And perhaps most importantly you can guarantee you are going to need help from existing suppliers and customers as we navigate through the recovery period. Any requests are more likely to be positively met if there is mutual respect.