Can You Take A CV At Face Value Or Should You Put The Applicant To The Test?

Most people embellish slightly on a CV (apparently we can all type 100 words a minute and enjoy reading!), but there are those who completely exaggerate their level of competence and give themselves skills on paper that are completely untrue.  When using an agency you might expect that only the best candidate will be found as application rating services should point you in the right direction, but this cannot always guarantee the absolute truth from the candidate.  Interviewing and selecting the correct candidate can take up lots of valuable time but is crucial to ensure the successful growth and expansion of any company.

There is a range of methods in catching out candidates who lie on their CVs to get interviews for jobs they are under qualified for, but most companies will have their own methods to ensure the capabilities of their candidate in addition to any given through a fixed fee recruitment  agency.  It is always advisable for candidates to use the tests provided to ensure that they are suitably proficient in the particular area of skill, but realise that most companies will also want to do their own tests in specific fields of knowledge integral to the particular field or job in question; this is the best way to ensure a happy partnership between employee and employer.