eCommerce Staffing: Who Do You Need and Why?

Digital Employees for eCommerce

The sorts of positions needing to be filled in the highstreet retail sector can seem apparent; shop front staff, logistics and managerial talent are all easy to identify as essential without too much thought. But what about eCommerce? As a dedicated online recruitment agency we can offer help in this area. Read on for how and who you need to recruit for your online store.

Retail and eCommerce News

A browse down the news feed of retail blogs such as Retail Human Resources shows an influx of digital development. Amazon are planning to create 1,000 jobs and eBay’s rapid growth means it’s considering pop-up stores in the real world. The good news for online stores just keeps coming. And as online sales go from strength to strength, we ask the question what skill sets do you need to recruit in order to run a successful eCommerce store?

Job Roles Required

Just as shop front staff and a good location can help attract footfall on the highstreet, talent that can help attract digital visitors and customers to your website are important for eCommerce. There’s huge demand for digital talent in the recruitment world, and eCommerce hirers are just one of the sectors in need for this reason.

Additionally, technology buffs that can ensure no downtime of your payment and browsing processes are important. The beauty of eCommerce is you can run it and be profitable 24 hours a day, but a reliance on technology that’s difficult to understand and that we don’t know how to fix should it fail feel means we need talent on standby that can ensure things run smoothly.

Logistics experts that handle the “real life” side of the store are also needed. Packaging up goods and arranging delivery along with any additional consumer requests are essential.

Customer service representatives to handle calls or online chats as is increasingly the case are important too – as well as someone answering any email requests provide the human element needed to solve arising challenges.

And of course there are the usual suspects too – such as management and accounting professionals. But the above are the core roles needed for eCommerce as listed in Entrepeneur.

Attracting eCommerce Talent in Today’s Market

So how do we find these experts and ensure business success? We’re currently in a candidate-driven market, and as such demand is high and candidates have more choice. An easy way to ensure you attract the talent you need is through flexible working opportunities. eCommerce stores by nature of definition don’t lend themselves to traditional working hours, and with 14 million of us wanting a more flexible working life, this can be a strong draw and a great way to stay ahead in your recruitment initiatives.

The eCommerce sector has shown consistent growth be these standalone digital stores or as online parts of existing offline stores. Competition for talent is high, but eCommerce’s ability to offer flexible working can put employers ahead.