Lack of Work Experience Means Graduates Facing Tough Employment Market

Despite the recovering economy and the increase in available jobs, recent graduates without work experience will find it hard to land a position in the coming year. Recent research indicates that more than a third of the available positions will be taken by graduates with experience.

Close to half of the firms interviewed by High Fliers Research expect to hire more graduates this year than the previous, with another quarter expecting the same number of hires as last year. However, a total of 36% of these positions will be filled by graduates who worked in the industry, or for the same firm, while they were at university. Grads without work experience will be left behind.

Competition promises to be tough for graduates. Companies have received an average of 19% more applications this recruitment season compared to last year. Many of those applications were from graduates from previous years. Even though the number of positions has risen since last year, it still remains at pre-recession levels, and the number of new grads rises every year.

The end result is a piece of sage advice: gain relevant work experience prior to graduation. Academic performance means less than real world experience when it comes to landing a position at a firm after graduation. – an online recruitment agency.