Longbridge Redevelopment After Rover Failure

The development at Longbridge in Birmingham, has finally been unveiled, after the ill fated Rover plant had been demolished. The new owners, Nanjing Automotive Corporation (NAC), only kept certain parts of the former Rover plant, which has lead to a massive 1 Billion pound regeneration plan for the rest of the plant. The developer, St Modwen, spokesperson John Dodds confirmed that the regeneration would be going ahead over the next ten to fifteen years regardless of the current economic downturn and they “are quite confident they can deliver over ten thousand jobs” for the area. They are looking “to put a new heart into Longbridge”, by developing a new town centre and also Bournville College will be moving their campus on to the site. There are already several small firms settled into the Innovation centre, which symbolises the change about to happen within the area. This is a great boost for the future of Birmingham, which has one of the highest rates of unemployment in the country. The recruitment of workers in the building trade is one of the area’s hardest hit and the development at Longbridge could see some of the unemployed back to work in the near future. RecruitmentRevolution.com offers low cost IT recruitment for small businesses looking to recruit IT specialists.