Using Social Media for Recruitment: LinkedIn

We’ve written previously about using social media for recruitment and recently there were some more great ideas released regarding using the biggest professional social network in the world to boost your online presence – the mighty LinkedIn.

We’re all aware that social networking has taken over our lives. Free websites such as Facebook and Twitter have made it possible to share our thoughts and feelings with millions of people, whether we know them directly or not! Away from personal use though, LinkedIn has taken business networking to a new level, showing a whole demographic of professionally-minded people that becoming more active in your social networking life can benefit your career.

How Does LinkedIn Help Professionals?
LinkedIn is the largest business-based online social networking site in the world, dedicated to forging connections between professionals. Translatable into twenty languages, it’s the platform of choice for over 225million individuals and here’s why…

Hosting and participating in group discussions allows members to create a melting pot of ideas with new people who can become great connections for the future. Following and sharing company updates allows big businesses to see you, something that might otherwise not be possible without an extensive application process. With regards to low cost recruitment, LinkedIn has become one of the most popular methods of showcasing a candidate’s credentials to a huge audience. The prospect of instant contact with employers via messaging is an attractive one for those looking for work and headhunters commonly use the platform to seek out passive candidates.

How Can I Use LinkedIn for Low Cost Recruitment?
LinkedIn has become a way in which we can translate our society’s social networking addiction into something more meaningful, helping to better our work-based social connections in order to progress in our jobs. But how do we extend our LinkedIn reach for recruitment purposes? Undercover Recruiter gave some great ideas we’ve included below:

1. Include personal messages with your contact request
This allows you to communicate your personality as well as your credentials. You can be straight to the point in advertising yourself, cutting out the generally overused waffle of the traditional CV.
2. Communicate with others
The zero-cost, speed and ease of use that LinkedIn offers has become the main drawing point for millions of users; whereas previously communicating with recruiters, business partners, investors and freelancers was an arduous task, even in the age of email, now the world of commerce has taken the social networking platform to new levels.
3. Interact
Commenting and sharing in groups (81% of LinkedIn users are members of a group), on company updates and your connections’ updates gets you seen and known.
4. Be active
By updating your status daily you’d be getting a head start – only one third of LinkedIn members log in every day.
5. Answer questions
Answering questions on “LinkedIn Answers” can help you make connections and establish expertise in your field – all for free.

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