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Paw Show: Pet-Friendly Companies Go One Step Further

Pet Cat

From pet-bereavement leave to paw-ternity leave… no we haven’t gone mad! We’ve seen news stories reported from some pet-friendly companies that are simply adorable – and we’re melting inside!

Paw-Ternity Leave

ANZ bank has implemented leave for employees that need to settle ther pet into a new environment. The leave works on a case by case basis but in some instances individuals have been given weeks off in order to settle their new pet into its new home. It’s wonderfully animal-friendly and recognising of the fact that for many, pets are as much family as humans are!

Pet-Bereavement Leave

On the other, and far sadder, end of the scale we have sympathetic and compassionate companies offering pet bereavement leave. Echoing our above point that for many, pets are as much members of the family as sons and daughters are – an HR software company in the USA has now started to offer such leave. The company offering this realises the importance of grief and, backed up by research saying this can last for six months, is echoing that in its HR policies by offering time off to recover from the loss of a pet.

Pet-Friendly Companies

And lastly, as well-being continues to be of primary concern to companies, the perks keep coming and pet-friendly offices is a well-being initiative that’s particularly cute!

Glassdoor has announced their list of dog-friendly workplaces, and their top ten are:

1. Eventbrite

2. Nestlé Purina PetCare


4. Payscape

5. Petplan

6. Indiegogo

7. The Nerdery

8. Specialized Bicycle

9. Procore Technologies

10. Glassdoor

What we think:

Aside from the obvious fact that these perks are adorable! We’ve observed the increasing uptake of well-being programs by firms looking to increase workplace functionality. We’re extremely pet-friendly at RR – and love these new initiatives. Everybody saw awwww!