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Salesforce is a global giant in the technology world, a brand familiar on everyone’s lips and oftentimes, a sales person’s best friend. We were contacted with an infographic from the company focusing on how to attract sales talent from non-traditional backgrounds into the field via your job description. There was an accompanying article too, detailing the traits to look for when hunting out such sales talent.

Desirable Traits of Sales People

The accompanying article to the infographic lists a number of desirable traits to look for in the perfect salesperson. These include;

1. Conscientiousness: A surprising trait supported by research in the journal American Psychological Association.
2. Competitiveness: A rather more obvious trait, 84% of top sales performers display a high achievement orientation.
3. Persistence: Rejection is a natural part of a salesperson’s career and thus persistence is a key trait.
4. Curiosity: This is an interesting one. When personality tests were administered to 1,000 top performing sales people, 82% of them scored very highly on curiosity.
5. Confidence: Easily confused with arrogance, confidence and sales people undoubtedly go hand in hand.
6. Situational Dominance: This constitutes an ability to take control of the situation, guiding it in the direction you want.
7. Lastly, we have Quick Thinking: A sales script can’t always give you everything. Surprises are inevitable and the ability to think on your feet integral.

Read about the research behind these traits in more detail here.

Secondly, we’ll let Salesforce take us through their infographic of how to write a sales job description that entices the right candidates from different career backgrounds into the profession.

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How to Find Sensational Salespeople in Non-Sales Careers

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