Swine Flu Fears Lead To Employees “Calling In Sick”

The IPP has uncovered a trend in people calling in sick to simply avoid contact with others during the flu pandemic. The Institute of Payroll Professionals has warned against the damages that this can have as unauthorized absences can really damage a company’s productivity. There are many people unemployed at this moment and employees that run the risk of disciplinary action because of not turning up to work are not doing themselves any favours. RecruitmentRevolution.com are a fixed price recruitment company that can easily and cost effectively help businesses recruit specialist staff.


The Chief Executive of the IPP, Lindsay Melvin, stated that “Everybody gets sick and employers understand that the majority of absence is genuine. However, Monday’s absence figures, which coincided with outbreaks of swine flu being seen on the national news were very alarming.”


The IPP do admit there are usually more stay away absences when there is a bank holiday and that may have had something to do with the increase but are still very concerned at the situation.


If staff are worried about the risk of catching swine flu they should wash their hands regularly and use alcohol rub and antibacterial spray to make their work stations germ free.