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Swine Flu Takes A Hold On Mexico’s Economy

The outbreak of swine flu in Mexico has had a drastic effect on business in the country. A business man from Mexico, Fernando Bazan, has seen his revenue halved in four days since the outbreak of the deadly flu virus, “Not many people want to come into the shop”, he says. “They are afraid. They ask us to pick up their packages from their homes”.


Mexico City has had to impose radical actions within the city, in an attempt to try and prevent the spread of the flu, this has led to businesses and schools shutting down. The human tragedies aside, the impact upon everyday living, as a result of this crisis, has meant a loss of income and revenue in the travel and tourism industry. Not taking the swine flu epidemic into account, the central bank of Mexico predicted a decrease in GDP of around 4.8% this year. All small business recruitment and production has stopped along with all the everyday workings of the city like public transport and schools.


The full depth of this flu crisis will cost the Mexican government in terms of the decline in tourism and the loss of trade to and from Mexico. When the virus itself is under control, maybe the full damage can be seen but how long it will take to stop the spread, we will only know in time.


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