Recruiting IT Talent in the Midst of a Talent Shortage

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There are talent shortages throughout the job market, however these are being felt most keenly it seems in the tech and IT sectors. These professionals are more in demand than ever, as the continuing modernisation of businesses requires their skill set.

Resource Central have predicted which IT skills specifically are likely to be most in demand in 2016 – and we’ve got the know-how on how to recruit for them!

IT Architecture

This is a strategic branch of IT and includes a wide range of specialisms such as enterprise architecture and cloud architecture. The professional in this role typically takes the business needs and creates the supportive IT required in the background from scratch to meet these needs.

How to attract these professionals?
There’s a good chance these candidates will be problem solvers so you could be a bit cryptic with your job ad to stand out – for example Microsoft put their ad as a coding problem people would have to solve once in order to apply. Additionally, the majority of these professionals will very likely have formal training, and often a degree in computer science. So Universities and graduate schemes may be another good way to access this talent.

Big Data

“Big data” has been coined as somewhat of a buzz phrase. It’s been around for a few years however businesses are investing in the use of data analytics to drive their firms forward. And to this end, the demand for big data specialists in the IT world has increased – these coveted individuals can read huge amounts of data and in turn, translate and use it to meet business targets.

How to attract these professionals?
This is a somewhat new and very exciting space to be in. These individuals have a mind for analytics – and unfortunately, are in short supply. Remuneration may be an incentive as these individuals seem to command high salaries, you may also benefit from a passive recruitment strategy using LinkedIn to combat how few active candidates may be out there.


It’s not just apps but B2B technology programs and so much more that keeps programmers in work. With mobile, video and marketing all commanding significant IT expertise, the need for programming isn’t disappearing any time soon, despite the fears of cheaper labour overseas.

How to attract these professionals?
Again, these individuals are in short supply. Fast Company suggests pairing a junior developer with a senior developer to nurture your talent inhouse. We agree with this and also suggest allowing a degree of creative control over projects – a unique and fun challenge can serve to engage and entertain these people whilst they’re working.


As the threat to our online security becomes the global focus of governments and political powerhouses, cyber security specialists are in increasing demand and playing an evermore crucial role in keeping our personal information and day to day lives safe.

How to attract these professionals?
Bigger companies often recruit lowly hackers, paying them handsomely to pick and repair holes in their Internet security. If this isn’t an option, the majority of security professionals do have formal qualifications meaning formal lines of recruitment may be a good option.

Other predictions as to the specifics of IT talent required in 2016 include help desk, project management and cloud development professionals. We couldn’t cover them all, but we hope the above helps in your search for IT talent.