The Importance Of Being An Engaged Worker

Are you engaged? Do you know what it means to be an engaged employee?   This is when an employee is emotionally, cognitively and physically engaged with ones work, and is ready and willing to go the extra mile.  When doing above and beyond becomes the expectation and ‘just what people do’ within the work place, employees will pull together to ensure whatever problems ensue, they are overcome.

A recent survey by the CIPD showed the direct link between the company’s managerial style and whether employees are prepared to do more than they are contracted to.  When a management style is considered fair, open and honest, and all promises are delivered, employees are reminded of how their hard work is appreciated and how their work is important in relation to the bigger picture of the company’s success, it help employees feel engaged with their work.  Employees also like to feel listened to, so performing a survey into how staff feel can bring you closer to achieving an engaged workforce.

A survey done within the UK found women were generally more engaged than men; one quarter of people under 35 were engaged but only two out of five over 35 years old.  People on flexible contacts were more engaged and more satisfied within their job role and half of managers were engaged but only three out of ten non-managers were.

It is very important to create a nurturing working environment to get the very best out of the staff working for you from the very beginning of the employment, which starts with the SME Recruitment process where potential staff can be made to feel wanted and appreciated: if an employee feels optimistic and valued they will work hard.  Managers found when employees are engaged they communicate properly about what is happening which has to improve productivity and success.