Recruitment Aids for the Small Business in 2015

Workplace Technoogy

Owning and managing a small business is no easy task. But thankfully we live in a technical age where numerous numbers of startups are looking to make it big by making it easier! With this in mind, the Twitter feed often makes for an insightful place as we interact with new companies looking to make managing a business – including recruiting – an easier process. Read on for four that tickled our fancy.


This is an American company but watch out for it in the UK should it make it big enough to reach us. If you’re a small business looking to recruit, being desirable to candidates and – particularly with a shortage of talent around – your reputation can make a big difference to the number and quality of applications you receive.

Cue Jobbuh – this is a website whereby workers of a company anonymously leave feedback about what it’s like to work for it, direct from inside its walls. Workers have a lot of influence now, and so focusing on employee experience and making your company a favourable one to work for is important.

Sales Match

This next innovator is one dedicated to those looking to recruit in sales. Big data and analytics are already playing a big part in online recruitment, but it’s a part that’s set to get bigger. Sales match uses behavioural profiling to determine what type of salesperson a candidate is – from hunter to farmer, helping to refine the recruitment process.

Resume Resource

We wrote earlier this month about executive recruitment and what skills and profiles modern executives need to have in order to stand out. It was to our pleasure therefore that we found Resume-Resources. There are indeed a lot of web-based resume resources about however this one stands out to us – mainly because it lists examples of resumes according to industries, for example administrative, sales, marketing, finance and IT.

If you’re looking to recruit for a small business rather than look for a new position yourself however, why not use these as guides in what to look for should you be feeling lost in a sea of CVs? It could be a valuable recruitment tool, helping to land you the perfect hire.

Lucid Meetings

This is a service for scheduling meetings, but we think it would work extremely well for interviews. Bricks and mortar premises – particularly for small businesses – can prove redundant in today’s Internet-enabled environment. Lots of companies simply don’t need them, enabling businesses to recruit abroad and online more effectively than ever. Lucid Meetings is a clever service that arranges times, time zones, organises calendars and sends reminders – for a small business on the recruitment path, this could be exactly what you need.

Small business recruitment in a country full of more start-ups than ever before is big business and these start-ups could prove just the pioneers to make recruiting for small business a great deal easier.