Standing Out as an Administrator in a Competitive Market

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We reported not long ago about the role of the administrator in today’s job market. These individuals are crucial, and work effectively as the glue of a company – often binding different parts together and ensuring its day to day success. But what about now? How has the landscape changed and what can job hunters do to stand out?

A Competitive Landscape

Perhaps rather unfortunately, the competition for administrative jobs is now extremely high. CV-library released some figures we reported on not long ago, saying that every administrative role on their site now had an average of 57.3 applications – the highest in any industry.

Why So Tough?

– Although specific qualifications can help, oftentimes one can train in an admin position without any formal qualifications which can mean more people are qualified, and more people apply.

– One of the attributes that lends itself to a successful administrator is organisation, not an uncommon thing to find – so for all those neat and tidy individuals, it can provide the perfect fit and provide a lot of job satisfaction.

– In some instances, admin roles can be less stressful than say, a sales role.

– Admin roles can often be shared and part-time hours made available. So despite the fairly low salaries when compared to some other professions, the flexibility can prove a real draw to candidates wishing for something more suited to their lifestyle. Additionally, because job satisfaction and flexibility are now more in-demand than ever, it makes sense that professions able to offer this receive significantly more applications.

How Do I Stand Out?

With admin recruitment agencies such as ours, we see the high demand for these positions – we also see the crucial role administrators play in business; they’re highly appreciated individuals. So on that note, we’ve got a collection of ideas to help administration candidates to shine when applying for a role:

Keywords: No, we’re not talking SEO! A number of firms now actually have keyword search technology with which to scan resumes for target terms they’re looking for. So be sure to include the proper names of any qualifications and ensure attributes are researched and spelt correctly!

Tonality: One of the great things about social media is everyone is everywhere. A quick look at the company you’re appling for’s Facebook page and the tonality they use throughout their social media should glean valuable insights into their company ethos. Use this tone throughout your resume – it could well show a tailored and well-thought out approach.

Achievements: Mentioning prior achievements and any transferable skills can help your resume stand out – talking about a particular event or initiative you ran can certainly help you be remembered.

Technical Ability: It’s no longer desired, it’s now expected that those in almost any role but particularly admin will have a working knowledge of technology. In today’s world, computer and Internet skills are so important – so ensure to have these covered in your resume.

Administrators play an incredibly important role, and recruiters want to make the right hire to ensure the business stays running as seamlessly as possible – so even though there may be an abundance of candidates right now, businesses still need you, so be sure to remember your value!

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