Bosses with a Sense of Humour Win the Day

We read an interesting feature on OnRec this week which suggests that humour in the workplace is important to most employees and a sense of fun is a trait they like to find in their boss. Maybe David Brent was onto something? We have summarised accordingly below.

A new study shows that employees are not as interested in trust, respect or honesty in their employers as they are in a good sense of humour. Officebroker carried out the research that reveals that the best way to foster an employee-boss relationship is by sharing some light moments filled with heartfelt laughter.

The study involved 600 employees who were asked about the trait they like most in their bosses. The results were as follows:

• 26 percent: Sense of humour
• 20 percent: Trust
• 15 percent: Respect
• 13 percent: Patience
• 10 percent: Fairness
• 9 percent: Open communication
• 7 percent: Honesty

While all these traits are important in fostering a healthy work environment, a sense of humour helps employees truly enjoy their jobs. In the increasingly competitive job environment, it is important for employees to relieve tension, and sharing a joke with a boss is particularly significant.

The workers polled believed sharing jokes with managers helped to remove formal barriers and enhance openness. Given the personal nature of a sense of humour, enjoying a good joke shows employers share similar tastes with their employees, which helps them to experience better job satisfaction.

The research further showed that female employees were particularly fond of comical bosses. Among those interviewed, 61 percent of those who chose a sense of humour as their preferred employer trait were females.

However, too much joking may prove counterproductive, as it can affect the performance of both employers and their employees. – the pioneering low cost recruitment agency service