Britain Should Lead The Digital World

We came across an interesting article from The Guardian recently, which looked at George Osborne’s recent proposal on where the future of Britain’s youngsters should be going. Below, we have summarised accordingly.
The advent of the internet and computers has had a profound effect on the way that our world works – whether that’s through business, international relations or day-to-day life. In the 1980s and 1990s, the way that young people learnt about computers was very different to the state of affairs today. Young IT students were taught how to code, how to design computer programmes and build new software – whereas today we’re taught how to use existing software. A big difference.

George Osborne has called this a great mistake, one that has set us back in the digital age. Last week he attended a technology festival in London, alongside the founder of Wikipedia – to lobby for the cause of Britain’s technological education. The chancellor is adamant that Britain should become the ‘best place in the world to learn digital skills’ and ‘engage with the digital economy.’

Part of Mr. Osborne’s plan of action is to create the right environment for digital entrepreneurs to prosper. This is made up, somewhat, of extended superfast broadband to 99% of homes and businesses. Alongside this, previously private government data is being released to aid small businesses and charities to produce innovative services.

Next year – the national curriculum will support this with students being given the skills to design apps and programme computer software. The chancellor admits that it will be ‘no easy ride’ and that students will need to understand logic and set theory.

With Britain being the first country to introduce ‘entrepreneur visas’ ,the country is well on its way to a tech business boom. With low tax margins for start-up investment and gentle entry routes for tech businesses onto the London Stock Exchange – the UK is committed to developing a world leading global economy. are UK market leaders in online recruitment for a fixed, low fee.