What’s Next Online? Mobile Recruitment

Let’s start with some facts…

– Google reported earlier this year that 1 in 5 job searches are carried out on mobile
– UK portals Jobsite and CV-Library claim that 30% of all traffic is mobile
– 70% of searches made by a mobile device lead to action within 60 minutes

So if you’re looking to capture candidates …perhaps it’s time your website was mobile friendly!

This great article from Recruitment Buzz states that mobile usage is set to overtake desktop usage by 2014. Now that rumour has been going around for years, however the figures above do seem to indicate that it’s not a million miles away…

If this is the case then recruiters optimised for mobile can look forward to some pretty decent traffic increases – after all, its far easier to perform a quick Google search on a smartphone when you’re bored on the bus than going all the way home, turning on your PC, waiting for Windows to load, getting online and getting on Google to begin your job search.

Although it does have a way to go and its domination over desktop search has been threatened for years by the experts, with the advances in smartphones, the introduction of 4G and an increase in both Adwords strategies for mobile and the number of websites optimised for mobile, it seems this time that mobile is finally making a noticeable impact on how job seekers search and where those all important leads come from.

Want more reasons why mobile recruitment is so powerful? Check out the below…

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