Companies to Deal with Workplace Stress

A 2011 study released recently on stress management in the UK has revealed 52.2 per cent of 205 employers polled have taken steps to reduce stress in the workplace.

The results were released on 2nd November to go along with National Stress Awareness Day, which was created to help people recognise and take action on the level of stress in their lives and careers.

Focus on the issue of workplace stress is largely to emphasise the wellbeing and overall health of employees, not just to comply with labour law. It was also found that only one in four organisations have looked into the causes of stress at work.

Three-quarters of employers looking to reduce workplace stress have begun offering flexible work options, while 71 per cent have begun to initiate action to manage absence related to stress.

On the downside, it was found that only one quarter of organisations have engaged in stress management training of any sort, in the past year.

Employers are uncertain as to whether taking action on stress has made any measureable difference. The survey revealed only one third of organisations saw a reduction in absences and stress, in general.

The full results of the stress survey will published in December 2011. – UK online recruitment agency