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Graduates Struggling to Find Employment

2010 college graduates are struggling to find employment according to new research. Research indicates that approximately eight and a half per cent of 2010 graduates are still unable to find employment. Higher Education Careers Service Unit (HECSU) has indicated that is a decrease from almost nine per cent in 2009 .

The new study indicates this is the first unemployment dip since the economic meltdown began. Unemployment rates for new graduates were five and a half per cent before the recession. HECSU research director, Charlie Ball stated, “While graduate unemployment has fallen, it remains high in comparison to levels reported at the beginning of the recession and graduates still face stiff competition – not just from their peers but also from more recent graduates.”

The research data demonstrates that first time university graduates numbered 284,160. Of this number, 62.2 per cent of students went into the work place. Twenty one per cent were attending further school and working, the remaining graduates have been unable to find employment.

College graduates in the medical field did not indicate a decline. Office positions saw a one per cent decline to graduates employed in this field. The HESCU study showed the biggest increase in marketing, advertising and sales employment for recent graduates. The jump was an astounding 31 per cent more graduating students found work in this field than in the prior year.

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