Company Culture – An Important Snare?

We came across an interesting article from about the importance of your ‘company culture’ in terms of job applicants and candidates. They explore the signs of a good business. Below, we have summarised accordingly.

Although in our economy employers can often be very selective about who they hire, with unemployment at a peak, it doesn’t mean that they can get away with faking a company culture. The ethos and aura of your business can sometimes deter potential applicants and you could be missing out on the best. Company culture is very important as a first impression, but can also drastically change the outlook of your business.

Greeting with a smile is the simplest and cheapest way to promote your company. Treat your job applicants in the same way you’d treat VIP customers waiting in your office. Professionalism is key to impressing your next boy wonder too! The appearance of your staff and your premises will set a lasting first impression, as will the manners of the interviewer. It isn’t just the applicant that needs to think carefully about their responses in this situation.

Employee photos are a declining feature of modern businesses. Think about being a proud parent, you want to display photos of your children around your house because you’re happy with them and their progress. This should apply equally about your workers. Friendliness and willingness to help are big factors: make your candidate a drink, check they’re okay; tell them where the bathroom is.

The energy amongst your existing employees is crucial, if your workers are tired and bored, the potential new team member might think to themselves that the job can’t be as good as they thought.

You should look to hire, retain and promote staff who can adhere to the culture that you want to convey.

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