Employers are reaping the benefits of a revolutionary method of recruitment – a hybrid online agency

Employers are reaping the benefits of a revolutionary method of recruitment – a hybrid online agency that underwrites all risk and levies the most competitive placement fee in the market

RecruitmentRevolution.com is different from anything seen in the industry – it’s not an online job board; an online shop-front for a high street agency; and is certainly not a job board reseller…
… Instead this forward thinking company sources candidates; provides over 400 complimentary assessment tools; schedules the interview diary; conducts reference checking; and only charges the client £575.00 upon securing a candidate.

How does RecruitmentRevolution.com do this?

The RecruitmentRevolution.com business model amalgamates the benefits of the traditional recruitment agency and on-line job board. Cutting–edge technology, that was 18 months in development, allows clients and candidates to interact and do business through an online marketplace without the need for a recruitment consultant.
What’s different about RecruitmentRevolution.com’s method is that whether the client searches the database or the candidate applies for a job, the website facilitates the introduction of the two parties.  When they are both happy to progress to the next stage, at the press of a button, the company liaises with both parties and brings them together. A flat fee of £575 is levied upon placement– that’s revolutionary!
Jamie Mistlin, Director of RecruitmentRevolution.com said: “Our research highlighted that high street agencies are benefiting from cost-effective online advertising and database searching yet continue to charge high, out-dated placement fees.  With a mix of 21st century technology and real people, RecruitmentRevolution.com provides a refreshing approach to recruitment in a busy market.”

So how does it work?

Companies can post jobs on the RecruitmentRevolution.com website FREE of charge and this advertisement is automatically distributed to a network of job boards across the UK. At the same time they can search the database for potential candidates and even send jobs directly to them.
Once candidates are identified, various RecruitmentRevolution.com assessment tools enable the client to select potential interviewees.
Then, at the press of a button, RecruitmentRevolution.com can organise and co-ordinate the whole interview process, which may include preliminary chats and more formal face-to-face interviews.
Once the candidate is successfully employed, RecruitmentRevolution.com invoices the client for the revolutionary flat-rate £575 fee.

Too good to be true!

The key to RecruitmentRevolution.com’s success is not just its refreshing approach, but also its approachable, friendly and professional service.  They are members of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation and adhere to the strict code of conduct.  They are also registered data controllers under the data protection act.

Notes to the Editors:

The RecruitmentRevolution.com Story

The recruitment industry is a bit of a minefield!  Where do you go if you’re looking to employ that essential candidate?  Online and print advertising will require you to pay up-front fees with no guarantees; and with high street recruitment agencies you’re at the mercy of the consultant and if you find the right candidate you’re looking at an average of 15-20% of the salary in fees. And let’s face it, if you don’t have an HR Department or if you’re a Managing Director of a small or medium enterprise you’ll need assistance, but the costs even via the “DIY route” can be crippling for a company.

Frustrated by the practices of the traditional recruitment agency, we asked ourselves why a recruitment consultant was controlling and constraining the recruitment process.  We felt that a new kind of agency was needed that allowed candidates to market themselves directly to the client enabling them to assess suitability. We decided to divert from our planned vocations and start something refreshingly different.  The idea was to make it easy for candidates and employers to get together without the ridiculous fees charged to companies on the high street.  We wanted people to realise that the recruitment industry has been hiding behind smoke and mirrors for years and this relatively simple task could be simplified and made transparent online.  In essence, we see ourselves as a job marketing and introductory service that underwrites advertising and administration costs: easy, straightforward and simple.

It was therefore natural to call our company RecruitmentRevolution.com. Anything you ever find with us is honest, clear, approachable and very friendly – we’re not just a website, there is a strong team behind the screen working very hard and ready on the phone, should you need us.

Our home is in a pretty place called Sunninghill, in Berkshire, where everybody’s welcome so do pop by if you’re ever in the area.