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Executive Decisions: How to Recruit Top Executive Talent

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A research study conducted by InterExec, one of the world’s leading companies regarding senior executive recruitment, has outlined some key trends expected to influence the job market and change the way businesses search for talented executives. We discuss the findings, and how to adapt hiring processes in order to channel the best possible executive candidates.

Study Shows Latest Trends

The global research programme questioned over 7,000 executive recruiters about how they believed the industry was changing, and which trends are suggesting a shift in the executive job market. There were two main trends most frequently mentioned as part of the survey which contemporary executives should take heed of when searching for a new job.

The first emerging trend is, rather predictably, social media. At all levels of recruitment and employment, social media has become a super power in terms of projecting oneself to the maximum number of people and gaining a positive response from recruiters. 40% of executive recruiters believed executives would benefit considerably from having an up to date and active social media presence. LinkedIn may be the first choice for a professional online profile, but other networks such as Twitter and Instagram could also promote thought-leadership and help develop knowledge of different industries.

The second largest trend in executive recruitment is the increase of women taking high-level positions within large companies. The FTSE 100 now has 20% of its executive positions held by women, a number which is expected to grow considerably in the coming year, hopefully reaching the desired 25% target outlined as part of the Davies report. Recruiters are expecting an influx of female candidates as the work/life balance and flexible working mean it is possible for women to enjoy a healthy and happy home life as well.

Executive Recruitment Tips

For candidates looking for an executive position, there are many ways to get oneself noticed by recruiters. Making yourself visible to dedicated recruiters can be done by using the aforementioned social media trend; join groups and discussions on LinkedIn to establish a reputation as a communicable thought leader who is willing to put themselves into a discussion. It is also important to begin networking early into an executive career. Building up a network of professional acquaintances is tremendously valuable.

Having a top quality CV or resume is also important when hunting out an executive role; many candidates assume that every high-range position they have worked should make it on to the CV, however this can often appear boring and long-winded. Modern executive recruiters will look for indications of management style and leadership qualities as well as which companies a candidate has worked for.

Competition for managerial jobs is tough, it is therefore important to explain in some detail what recognisable achievements have been made whilst in previous positions.

Finding employees for an executive role requires dedicated recruitment methods and a deep knowledge of what is needed from the new hire, which itself is indicated through knowing the business inside and out, including how and when it functions optimally. As jobs become more competitive, talented employees are in abundance, but finding the right one for you takes careful thought, commitment and enthusiasm from both sides.