Bad Fortune: Are Fortune 500s Falling Short in Mobile Recruitment?


As mobile traffic soars in 2014, it looks as if some big businesses are not keeping up with their potential candidates’ needs when it comes to adopting new technology for recruitment.

Big Business and Mobile Recruitment
Mobile recruitment has taken off in a big way since online technology and 4G rapid internet connections began to allow for quick job searches, applications and the possibility of real-time communication with candidates. Online recruitment agencies have been quick to embrace new high-tech platforms that allow them to seek out candidates – some of which include LinkedIn and video chat programs for interviews and meetings. It appears, however, that some of the biggest businesses are not up to date with current trends and that this could be alienating potential employees.

Mobile talent engagement network IMomentous recently produced a report which included details of a study conducted on Fortune 500 companies and their presence in the mobile recruitment world. published the findings – you can read them here.

What Does the Study Show?
– Ninety-five per cent of Fortune 500 companies do not currently have an online application process specifically designed for the purpose of mobile devices
– Companies that do have a mobile recruitment site for candidates are dogged with technical issues such as redirecting users to non-mobile pages from the mobile start page
– Only 14% of mobile sites allow job seekers to complete an application

These small mistakes could be easily rectified and allow candidates to use the tech that has become to integral to many other parts of their lives to find a potential career.

Next Steps for Businesses
With all this in mind, the scope for growth in the mobile recruitment sector is huge. Due to the fact that the larger businesses seem to be so behind with their mobile recruitment strategies, if smaller businesses have already set up a successful recruitment platform that incorporates mobile, they can certainly be considered head of the game.

As we wrote last year…the future’s bright, the future’s mobile.

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