The Guide to Finding Freelance Work



Mashable published a brilliant post just recently listing the top places in which to find freelance work online. More of us than ever are now working in temporary positions – and recruiters find these some of the easiest to fill. There are more self-employed individuals around now too and we live in the era of the startup and new technology. In keeping with these trends we’ve picked some of our favourite freelance platforms from Mashable’s list, added a few of our own and shown how they can help candidates to find work.


Upwork is the combined effort of eLance and oDesk. This amalgamation of these two successful sites means the resulting service is something usable, streamlined and functional for freelancers. If you’re looking for work this site works as a job board and is huge – covering positions of all sorts. In particular abundance are developer, marketing, design, mobile and sales positions which aligns with our own observations for demand in these areas as an IT recruitment agency, among other disciplines.

Indeed the availability of digital positions across most platforms such as these is enormous! Read on for some more tech-specific examples.


Speaking of digital, freelancer is another platform on which they are plenty of positions in this sector available. The demand for digital talent has been significant for some time now as we’ve reported previously and this platform supports that claim. The majority of positions are within tech and IT and the platform is mostly free for those looking for work; you can submit up to 8 bids a month for no cost at all. The platform has grown enormously in recent years, largely due to economic conditions resulting in more freelance talent.

People Per Hour

People Per Hour is a site whereby you can list your price per hour for certain services as a freelancer. It’s a great way to match talent and – you guessed it – is largely focused on tech and digital services too!

Simply Hired

SimplyHired is a members-only job board. And it’s not limited to tech! You can search by job title and location to find contract positions in your field. They are worldwide though, so it’s important to ensure you’re searching in the right country- opportunities in the UK do seem limited compared to the US.

Online Recruitment Agencies

And finally, don’t forget us! Our search feature allows you to search on available jobs – including temporary positions which may prove a fit for a freelancer. You can also search on Start-Ups using our search feature if you’re looking for a high growth opportunity.

The job market for freelance positions is excellent and ripe with opportunities. And with the economy primed for growth both in permanent jobs, part time work and freelance work, it’s a great time to be working in the UK!