The Latest in HR Technology: Google’s Cloud Job Discovery Enters Beta

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We wrote not long ago about some exciting new recruitment technology emerging from none other than Google itself – Google for Jobs. In a nutshell, this clever tool employs machine learning to better aid the entire online recruitment industry – from job boards to job seekers and online recruitment agencies such as ourselves. It works by using its algorithms to display additional information as well as more personally tailored information suited to the searcher, all with the goal of better filtering job searches. Examples of this additional information include the job seeker’s distance away from the intended job, job specialties, when the position was posted and even employer ratings (similar to Glassdoor). 

Just last week there was an update on Google for Jobs and as such the future for low cost recruitment now looks even brighter as Google’s Cloud Job Discovery, a sister tool of Google for Jobs has entered beta. Whereas in the US Google for Jobs is open for use, we’re still waiting for it to go live in the UK. However it’s exciting to hear how it and its associated Cloud Job Discovery Tool are edging closer to being available for all throughout the globe.

What is Cloud Job Discovery?

The name speaks for itself! The tool is part of Google for Jobs and encompasses clever technology that powers smarter job searches and recommendations, resulting in better and more suitable job listings for job seekers, fundamentally improving the entire job seeking process.

Since its status moved to beta, it’s now being used not only by job boards and career sites, but by staffing agencies and tracking systems too.

It’s also been rolled out in over 100 languages which has increased its effectiveness by removing another barrier in the job search process.

Preliminary Results

Rather than looking to take over from the current job engines we all know and love, the whole initiative is being seen as a clever integration to improve existing tools’ functionality. One user of it has increased the number of high quality job applications to their site by 41%. 


By having suitable candidates find the positions that are right for them more easily, it follows that the recruitment process will shorten, decreasing time to hire and cost to hire too. We believe the candidate experience is vital for today’s recruiters to get right as it lends itself to a lower overall recruitment cost. Marry this with a shorter time to hire and higher suitability of applicants and it’s a win win for the online recruitment industry.

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