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Google for Jobs to Introduce Salary Estimates in the US

Frustratingly, Google for Jobs is not yet available to job seekers in the UK. It makes the recruitment headlines frequently however and the industry is excited about how it might be able to improve the job seeker’s journey – but still, we wait with baited breath for a UK launch date!

That doesn’t stop us from following its progress in the US however, where it has been available for some time. And there’s a new feature popular websites and magazines have been covering with enthusiasm. Read on for more.

Google for Jobs’ Salary Estimator

For roles on Google Jobs that have a listed salary, this will be listed next to the other information as with a usual job description. However, for the increasing number of jobs listings that use phrases such as “competitive salary” instead of listing an actual number, Google is going to be using its clever machine learning capabilities to list an estimated or average salary which will appear next to the listing instead.

It can be frustrating seeing a role you love the sound of, only to not know what sort of salary is on offer. This feature will aim to plug that gap, borne often from an employer’s hope to get talent at a cheaper price. Now, candidates will have an idea of the approximate salary they can expect from the role.

Other Benefits

In addition to seeing a collated estimate of what income the sort of role you’re applying for should be generating, by using machine learning to facilitate this knowledge candidates can also gain further insights into any gender pay gaps as well as being better informed when negotiating salaries.

We’ve written previously about Cloud Job Discovery and Google for Jobs and you can read this pieces to see what other features – such as proximity-based job search results – are on offer with Google for Jobs. With Google ever-evolving its features, we’re excited to see what it comes up with next!

The future for job seekers and indeed, online recruitment looks bright indeed.