Health and Safety Regs to be cut down to help business

People who believe that modern health and safety regulations are bloated and excessive may get their wish soon when safety and health regulations in the workplace are cut in half within the coming months.

The director of the King’s Centre for Risk Management, Professor Ragnar Löfsedt at King’s College London, has been asked to simplify the current health regulations in place in order to help create a more efficient approach to safety and health in the work place.

On the table are talks to totally exempt self employed people in low risk careers and to place a higher emphasis on personal responsibility.

The plan aims to create a more liberal industry and workplace where less money is spent on safety and health regulation required equipment and procedures and there is more money in the budget to create jobs and recruitment opportunities for employers.

While the concept makes sense from the standpoint of creating careers, many critics point out that the new ideas on the table do not address the needs of the many that have lost their health and even their lives in the line of duty when working at dangerous or unhealthy jobs. In any event, this may be a compromise that creates jobs at the expense of certain regulations. are an online recruitment agency in the UK