How Holding the Phone May Shape Your Future Career Prospects

This interesting research piece piqued our interest this week and was initially posted on the telegraph.

Did you know that such an apparently simple thing as picking up a phone can determine the future of your career? Researchers at the London School of Economics analysed the way people behaved at their workplaces.

Their study showed that people who raised phones to their left ears were most likely “mavericks” who did not follow conventional rules but experimented with new ideas. Interestingly, their bosses were likely to be pleased with them.

The current business environment encouraged businesses to rely on workers who were not afraid to bend the rules because they tended to keep companies aggressively competitive in the market.

Those who used the right sides of their brains were more likely to take the receivers to their left ears. The right part of the brain is associated with solving problems using creative ways.

According to Dr Elliroma Gardiner, one of the authors of the report, such people were not conservative or cautious but tended to think independently. They were goal-oriented people who made quick decisions and thought of creative solutions.

The researchers studied 458 employees and found that more male workers tended to be mavericks than their female counterparts.

One major problem with the mavericks is that they are generally poor team players and relatively unpopular.