Interviewing For Empathy

We came across an interesting article from HR Capitalist recently, exploring the idea that as employers we should interview for more empathy. Below, we have summarised accordingly.

Employers, especially in this economy, are looking for a different type of candidate. The days of the cold hard business man or woman are fading into the past. With offices and workplaces so stressful nowadays, empathy is becoming one of the prime factors in judging a candidate’s chance of success and integration into the existing team.

The television image culture garnered by business shows and sitcoms portrays the unfriendly and cunning hierarchy, at the top of which sits an emotionless overlord. In reality, those in success often achieve it by listening to the needs of their colleagues, superiors and employees. Empathy is often directly linked with maturity. If you are wise enough to know that many people are struggling around you, have already struggled and continue to struggle, then you’re going to be a more effective member of any team.

Slowing down and envisaging your colleague’s jobs and tasks allows you to see your company’s performance much more clearly. To have success as a teammate or a coach of people, you have to be able to relate to others; even if you don’t understand them.

Interviewing for empathy gives you the key to finding out the personality of your candidate. It’s hard to fake and it’s even harder to cover up, you’ll soon find out what they’re really like. – we help businesses and employers to find their ideal candidate. It’s simple and we charge only a low cost fee.