Is Ebay Really Going To Find You A Job?

Andy Palmer has put himself and his ‘services’ on Ebay as he touts employment and states he is prepared to do any job whatsoever (apart from anything illegal). “I’ve applied for about 30 jobs through other means… it’s really tough out there,” he states “in this current marketplace, you’ve got to try and do something unique to try and get yourself noticed.”

Although putting his CV on Ebay seems extreme, his background is in the mortgage industry and this particular area has suffered badly through the recession. It does increasingly highlight the lengths that many job seekers are feeling they need to go through, in order to find work. It is an extremely tough job market, “by doing something unique, I think it probably shows potential in terms of I could get trained to do something else.”

There are many more obvious ways of finding a job and although this has given Andy a wide audience and a lot of publicity, will this course of action really get him a long term job? Even in these difficult times there are companies who are actively looking to save money by hiring new staff through flat fee recruitment services or advertising in the local papers.