Jobs on the rise in December 2011, According to Reports

If you were looking for a job in December 2011, chances are better than ever that you found one, says a recent report. The Reed Job index says a 17% jump in job opportunities in December from the same period last year was also one-fifth higher than available jobs in 2009.

Most of the available jobs were in the high-tech spectrum. With a 40% job vacancy rate in such careers as engineering, IT (/low-cost-it-recruitment) and telecommunications, those qualified to fill the jobs should have no problem finding work even in the present economy. Staff jobs in leisure and tourism, construction, accountancy and sales jumped significantly, as well.

Recruitment in the financial services arena, however, was a bit more gloomy, as well as for jobs in the public sector.

Still, the 17% overall increase is a figure to be happy about. Reed Managing Director Martin Warnes said that the jump takes into consideration the traditional seasonal drop that tends to take place near the end of the year. This is a clear indication that many companies are planning to grow and hire even more people in the coming months and going into the new year.

The Reed Index analyzes more than 100,000 jobs offered by more than 8,000 recruiters across the UK.

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