Jobseekers Sell Themselves Short

We read an interesting article on HRReview this week about jobseekers not showcasing their skills and abilities as much as they should, leaving hiring companies unsure of their ability to carry out the job role. We have summarised accordingly.
Across the United Kingdom, people continue to discover that getting employed is not an easy undertaking. Whilst we’re often quick to blame the economy or employers for making it nearly impossible to get a job, new research conducted by shows that it maybe the jobseekers themselves that are destroying their chances of securing a position.

The Jobseeker’s Dilemma
Gumtree’s researchers surveyed both jobseekers and recruiters to get the most accurate information. According to the results, UK jobseekers are undermining their chances by downplaying their abilities. While recruiting companies are anxious to discover the particular talents and abilities of each potential employee, jobseekers often become shy and modest during interviews. Gumtree states that approximately one-third of jobseekers downplay their skills, and almost half of those looking for a career undersell themselves. While someone may have the skills to single-handedly run a million-pound corporation, they won’t be hired unless they showcase these abilities.

Most interviews turn sour because jobseekers don’t want to talk about themselves (92%), find it difficult to discuss their skills and abilities (27%), are too shy to showcase their talent (13%), feel modest about bragging (12%), and find themselves feeling reserved (11%). Of those looking for careers, younger jobseekers are the least likely to showcase their skills while being interviewed.

What Should You Do?
If you’re one of many looking for a job within the UK, it’s important that you toss modesty to the wind and step forward to show off your skills. Employers aren’t looking to hire someone who seems mediocre in their abilities: to find a position you should stand out from the crowd by highlighting all of your previous experience, skills, and qualities. As career expert John Lees pointed out, “our cut-throat employment market leaves no room for jobseekers to be modest”.

Before your next job interview, write a list of all your skills and abilities, along with your education, interests, and past work experience. Use this list to show employers why you are the employee they need to recruit.

By stepping out of the crowd and daring to show off your unique skills, your job search will be much more satisfying.

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