Big Name Brands Paving the Way for Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness
Mental health awareness and the stigma surrounding it is slowly being broken down, both in personal and professional circles. To this end, some forward thinking companies are paving the way for a better attitude towards mental health in the workplace – we have details of them below. View the full list of companies and learn about their initiatives on HRGrapevine.  


Marketing automation technology leader Hubspot offer employees unlimited vacation time (Virgin was the first company to do this) and flexible working with the intention that employees won’t feel uncomfortable about taking days off for mental health reasons. They can take some respite without needing to explain why to their employer.  


Online chat service Olark sent a wonderful message to one of its employees who asked to take time off for her mental wellbeing. The CEO thanked her for her honesty and for the reminder of the importance of recognising mental health at the company.  

American Express

Global banking firm AMEX have developed an onsite employee assistance program which offers free counselling to those who need it.  

Ernst & Young

The accounting firm has brought in an initiative called “r u ok” which encourages workers to check in with each other for peer to peer support. 


The financial services firm is giving employees access to mental health professionals and flexible working in a nod to mental health. 

With big companies taking the lead in recognising mental health we hope that soon, it will be the norm to speak about and have access to facilities for help in this area. We’re delighted that companies are taking action to look after their best asset – their employees.