The “MeVie” – The Newest Low Cost Recruitment Tool?


We’ve written previously about video interviewing and its increase in popularity over recent times. Now, the recruitment news sources have picked up on the latest trend…

A number of articles by top names in the online recruitment world have cited video interviewing as a sure-fire way of discovering not only a candidate’s credentials, but the content of their character. A new innovation of this kind recently caught the headlines, and it’s called the “MeVie”.

What is a MeVie?
A MeVie is a video that accompanies a resume and other application materials such as a cover letter when applying for a job. A MeVie can be created on sites such as hellomynameis or at home; the idea behind it being that it gives candidates the opportunity to display their interpersonal skills to recruiters and put a face to their application.

Who Supports Video Job Applications?
Marks and Spencer are the latest business superpower to support the MeVie and director of general merchandise, John Dixon is quoted as saying it will transform the world of recruitment as a whole in Recruitment International. The main MeVie website “Hello My Name Is…” as mentioned above have been the pioneers of this new way of interviewing and are cited as saying that this seemingly informal method of communication actually makes recruiting simpler, quicker and more transparent.

Why Choose a MeVie?
From the candidate’s point of view, the MeVie offers them the opportunity to showcase themselves in exactly the way they wish to be received: remember there’s no opportunity for a second take during an interview! It also gives them the chance to put a face to their resume, displaying a bit of personality in addition to the usual easy-to-forget scrolls of black and white type on a computer screen. Searching for jobs these days can be harder than ever due to the competitive nature of employment in general, and with an average of over eighty applicants per job, it seems that using the more original ways of catching a recruiter’s attention could be a smart move for job-seekers.

From the recruiter’s standpoint, the MeVie offers the chance to get as close to face to face contact as possible without actually meeting the candidate. A traditional paper or online CV can list credentials and details of a person’s interests but, often, trying to determine how well a person will fit within your company is the challenging part. There is a lot to be said for personality versus experience and a MeVie is argued to help the employer with this decision.


It appears as though the MeVie could be a revolutionary new tool in the world of online interviewing, allowing for low cost recruitment agencies to have thousands of potential employees visible almost in person at the click of a mouse. Designed to help companies visualise new members of staff less as numbers and qualifications, and more as real people with personalities and characters that can help bring business teams together, the MeVie could become the go-to application method for the modern job.

Jamie Mistlin, – find me on Google+.