Mobile Recruitment: How it Benefits Candidates and Agencies


The world is now officially mobile-mad and many parts of daily life have been successfully translated into easy-to-use apps, including some that are recruitment-related. Here, we discuss how mobile is taking the recruitment industry by storm, who it benefits, and ways in which recruiters can adapt their skills to keep up!

Helping the Candidate

It’s common knowledge that the way in which people communicate has changed rapidly over the past ten years, with particlar reference to mobile networking. Due to the fact that so much of life is lived through a small screen, it is no surprise that up to 99% of jobseekers use a mobile device to search and apply for work. The reasons why mobile recruiting has become such a popular method for job-hunting are numerous, and include:
• Ease of use – Mobile job searches are often more convenient than traditional methods due to the simple fact that a mobile device can go anywhere. Internet connections via smartphones are now so advanced and rapid that candidates can search for work on the train, at home or even on the loo!

• Speed – It used to be that responding to job adverts meant waiting to hear back from the recruiter and wasting a great deal of time just trying to get an application noticed. With mobile recruiting, candidates are able to be reached far more easily and quickly, cutting the waiting time for a response to a fraction of what it was.

• Youth culture – Young people are more likely to be up to date with the latest mobile technology and make up a large proportion of those using smartphones for job searches. They make up the next generation of workers and will often skim over companies or agencies that do not have a dedicated mobile search and application process. Mobile recruiting is the future and companies who fail to implement it may appear old-fashioned and not in keeping with this newer, more contemporary culture.

Helping the Recruiter

Mobile recruitment is not just simpler for the candidate, the recruiter can also see numerous benefits from the inclusion of a mobile process. For online recruitment agencies, mobile recruiting can add yet more speed to their hiring and give recruiters the ability to put talent through to new employers simply at the touch of a button.

There are mobile apps we’ve covered previously too that can be used by recruiters to keep track of candidates and communicate with them in a more immediate way. The ease of access to real-time data also helps recruiters be more efficient with their hiring. Moreover, they are able to create job adverts that can be seen anywhere and at any time, maximising their chances of reaching both active and passive individuals.

Smartphones are such a prevalent part of our modern culture that it is now a mandatory requirement for sites listed on Google to have a dedicated mobile site for customers. This covers pretty much any business with an online presence meaning if you’re not on mobile, you’re less and less likely to be seen.

Mobile is undoubtedly making a significant difference to recruitment.