Public sector turnover rates lower then Private sector

While the nation’s government maintains its staff reduction policy, a new survey of employers reveals that private companies have exceeded public organisations in turnover rate by nearly five percent.

The new staff turnover rates and costs survey reports an average 17.4% turnover rate at each private firm in 2010, compared to only 12.6% at each organisation in the public sector.

The survey, which includes redundancies in its turnover rates of 247 employers, suggests that public organisations did not carry out significant redundancy programs in recent months despite efficiency plans laid out by UK government.

The report also details an average voluntary resignation rate of 10.1% amongst the employers, with private companies again leading at 10.6%. Manufacturing and production rank second at 9.9% and public organisations third at 8.2%.

Overall, one in three employers surveyed report a significant change in turnover over the past year, illustrating an unstable jobs market as the recession lingers.

Rachel Suff, author of the survey report, warns that lower turnover and resignation rates amongst public employees may indicate a delayed government response to the recession and that commentators believe ‘the worst is yet to come in terms of public sector cuts.’ – Flat fee recruitment