Small Business Recruitment in Today’s Tough Environment

Interview with Candidate

The environment for the small business has rarely moved at a faster rate than that we’re seeing now. From the digital age has come a lesser need for bricks and mortar premises and a new breed of business made viable by the Internet – things move quickly, and constantly. Small businesses have a different set needs from big businesses, often related to cost as they have less capital to play with when hiring new talent. We’ve got the latest news on small business recruitment therefore, and how to optimally recruit for this sector.

Losing Out on Talent

One report out recently talks of small business challenges and mentions recruitment as a current headache. Big tech companies with a reputation for excitement and the opportunity for big salaries and progression can often be a big draw for candidates, making it harder for small businesses to attract Tech and IT talent – now needed in most organisations – over the bigger businesses. The result is a severe shortage of IT talent for small businesses.

One way to combat this could potentially be by offering flexible working or profit share – something bigger companies may not be able to offer. Flexible working in particular, is extremely important to employees in today’s market and could well swing things in your favour.

Living Wage

Small businesses often benefit from a shorter chain of command, making it easier to get new business decisions in play. Lidl recently reported they will be implementing the Living Wage and now Starbucks have followed suit – reporting in September that they too, will be working to the Living Wage for their workers. Small business recruitment may benefit from following suit also – the Living Wage is commonly in news publications, and workers may be swayed by companies’ offering this as a minimum compensation.

Social Media

This is forever in the news and a lot is written about using social media as a cost-effective channel for filling recruitment needs. However, we’ve got some more specific ideas that could help you in your search for talent.

– Corporate Culture: Workers now want to know about corporate culture – so use your own social media to tell them through tweets and other posts.
– Enlist Your Team: The reach of your recruitment efforts can be greatly increased when worker’s personal social media accounts are used in addition to company ones. Grow your reach – and your potential for reaching talent through social.
– Purchase Job Credits: LinkedIn advertising can be expensive. But you can buy LinkedIn job credits in bulk for a cheaper price – the precise price varies on location. Additionally, you can always post status updates to your personal profile… for free.’s experience, flexible pricing and low cost make us another great solution for small business recruitment too…we had to include that one in there!

The need for talent is high, but there are always way for the budding small business to attract it.