Recruitment Challenges for Recruitment Professionals


A large survey from CV-library of over 700 in-house and agency recruiters has delivered insights as to what positions and sectors pose the most challenges for recruitment teams across the country. We look into the results.

The Most Challenging Type of Role to Fill

When it comes to the most challenging types of role to fill, recruiters report permanent positions as the toughest. A recent poll revealed that almost half of us want flexible working now, and with more freelancers and small business owners than ever before, contract and temporary positions are reigning supreme for candidates whilst permanent positions hold less and less appeal.

The Most Challenging Sector to Fill

Engineering came out as tough to recruit for in addition to Oil & Gas which came in as the second toughest. Indeed, oil companies frequently run alumni programs whereby alumni are invited back to work for the company on a contract basis after they have left, making the most of talented former employees and combatting the extreme talent shortage in the oil industry.

The Least Challenging Type of Role to Fill

As permanent roles are the most challenging to fill, on the other end of the scale temporary roles are the easiest. Recruiters across the board report recruiting for maternity and paternity cover relatively easy in comparison to permanent positions.

The Least Challenging Sector to Fill

Tourism and leisure top the table as some of the easiest sectors to recruit for. Only 1.5% or recruiters find difficulty in this area and opportunities and candidates alike are in plenty.

In-House Issues

For in-house recruiters tasked with recruiting for all positions within their company operations positions are the toughest to fill. In addition, management roles also prove difficult whereas retail, PR and catering pose the least difficulty.

At we see a huge demand for IT and Technical talent from companies looking to recruit, and despite a big pool of candidates, these vacancies often come up. Retail and leisure positions also can form a significant portion of our available vacancies in alignment with the findings.

As recruiters, we use our vast digital networks to fill vacancies and as such, believe we are among the best equipped to fill any position with quality candidates – regardless of the specialties required.