Robot Wars: Your CV or Mine?

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With artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and mobile making waves in the technology industry, automation is rarely out of the headlines. We wrote recently about jobs past and present that have been automated and so, for fun, we thought we’d compare CVs – one of a human, and one of a robot!

Your CV or Mine?

The hypothetical position at stake is that of a recruitment consultant (of course!) in a bustling agency where the successful candidate will be placing other candidates into their dream jobs. We’ve separated each CV into 3 of the main sections to appear on a standard CV; Skills and Qualifications, Work Experience, and Personal Interests and Profile. Let’s see who comes out on top.

iRobot iNdividual
and Qualifications

Can mine an unlimited amount of data at high speed with 0 errors to come
up with an objective best candidate fit

No need for pay, benefits or minimum working hours – can work a 24 hour
day as standard

10x GCSEs

4x A-levels

2:1 Degree in Business Studies

Strong computer skills and experience managing new software programs for
recruitment purposes


No work experience as of yet

Two years experience working at a previous recruitment agency

Part time record and data handling prior to that

Interests and Profile

No personal interests

Work alone

Unmatched in data mining

Ability to think outside the box and adapt to challenging situations

Natural ability to assess best cultural fit for candidates in addition to
formal qualifications match up

Keen interest in travel and foreign cultures – I believe these help me to
be a more empathetic and better recruiter

Team player

Who would you pick based on the above?

We know who we’d prefer to invite to the Christmas party!

For us the choice depends on the value placed on human interaction and judgement of a candidate’s best fit based not only on qualifications but on the workplace culture they will be entering into. The benefits of robot hiring are obvious – no human rights, no HR, no minimum wage and no holiday pay – aside from maintenance your “recruiter” can work around the clock 365 days a year.

However, for any decisions requiring human input and experience, the robot has no place. Our ability to think outside the box and adapt to new situations is constantly being brought to the fore as online recruiters and personally, we can’t imagine life without our awesome human team in the office!

 A robot to make the tea might be nice though.

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