Social Media: The Potential To Ruin Your Reputation

Social media is a great tool for the modern job seeker or budding business person; it offers a very simple but powerful way to build an online reputation. However, it also has the potential to destroy the reputation of a careless user. Taking note of some common mistakes made in this manner can go a long way to preventing you from repeating them.
1.) Social media is about building yourself into an online brand. Consider the amount of effort that goes into marketing and then look at yourself. Successful brands are innovative, interesting or intriguing. Don’t be boring online.

2.) Whilst social media is great for being social, you don’t want to bring your personal problems onto the public domain. Keep scuffles offline and respect others: arguments and disrespect will really damage your character.

3.) You want to be building a network online; highlighting others’ success is an appealing characteristic of your personality. Fail to acknowledge others and you’ll likely receive the same treatment.

4.) Make sure you respond to people who interact with you online. Consider it like real life – you wouldn’t ignore somebody who asked you a question.

5.) Consider your photos. You don’t want potential employers, investors or partners seeing your drunken antics at the weekend. By all means promote your active personality and social lifestyle, but try not to be in snaps with Sambuca, Jägermeister and Tequila across your best suit.

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