The Important Missing Information From Your CV

We came across an interesting article from Headhunt recently, which looked at some things that we should all be omitting from our CVs. Below, we have summarised accordingly.
Whilst advice is plentiful when it comes to highlighting information you should include on your CV, there is some equally important information that should be left off. One of the most common instances of this is the overuse of buzzwords amongst modern jobseekers – where “innovative,” “results-oriented,” and “team player” have all become empty and useless descriptions. Generally speaking, clichés should be avoided.

Irrelevant experience also serves only to waste space on the page – avoid including part-time jobs and your positions from years ago, unless particularly important. Some recruiters and employers will see this as an attempt to fill your CV and take it as an indication of your lack of experience.

If you don’t plan to include references on your CV, don’t waste time by including “References available upon request”. It’s an implied concept and it can make your CV look outdated.

Don’t feel the need to include your age on the CV: you never know whether it’s going to act in your favour, or work against you.

Religion and politics shouldn’t come into the hiring process, for good or bad. Instead, use experience and qualifications – a more useful and contributory measure of your value to the company. advertise hundreds of jobs every month from small, medium and large organisations.