TUC Warning: 10 Chase Each Job In The UK.

The UK job centres have warned against a huge increase in people actively seeking employment in the UK and on average 10 people are chasing every available job.  Of course this does not account for certain areas of employment such as manufacturing or specifically car plant manufacturers who have found a massive decrease in jobs in their field. In these areas there is mass unemployment in their area of experience, where there is more than just 10 people going for jobs.

There has been a shocking decrease in people advertising positions on top of this crisis as small or middle sized companies are finding themselves unable to employ more staff as their finances are being trimmed by the banks.  This has left a dramatic decrease in SME recruitment even with innovative recruitment agencies like RecruitmentRevolution.com helping to shed the costs of hiring staff.

 “Rising unemployment has been matched by an equally shocking decline in job vacancies,” said TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber who states “The government can no longer claim there is plenty of work available when there are as many as 20 dole claimants per job centre vacancy in parts of the country.”

The future does not even look that bright with approximately 3.5% negative growth expected next year, according to Alistair Darling’s budget predictions and although this will be the worst performance since just after the second world war, he has also said that next year should see the worst of it.