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Why You’re Not Getting Promoted

Missing out on a promotion that you’ve been waiting for can be an upsetting experience.  If you’re lucky enough to have a debrief with your manager about it then you should have gained some insight into why you didn’t get the position. But you’re more likely to leave the experience simply with wounded pride and no direction on how to improve. In a recent survey, the following reasons came top of the list of why employees are being passed over:

A Gulf in Necessary Skills

Success in one area doesn’t directly translate to potential in another. Whilst a secretary may be unparalleled in their work on the front desk of an office, they may be lacking in some analytical skills required to move into the accounting department. Indulging in self-learning may be the key to improving upon skills you don’t have and alerting your bosses to your suitability for a more advanced role.

Resistance to Constructive Criticism

Keeping your composure under feedback is challenging no matter where you are in life, but it’s vital to being able to improve and move up. Your boss is likely to be trying to help you to gain that promotion and is encouraging change within your professional personality, so accept it and bring it into your working life.

A Lack of Professionalism

Behaving when the boss isn’t around is just as important as when he or she is. Making negative comments about the company is a big no-no if you’re gunning for promotion. Make sure that you maintain confidentiality and positivity at all times, no matter who you’re keeping company with.

Thinking Like An Employee

In order to be seen as potential management, you need to be thinking and acting like one long before that opportunity arises. Being seen as somebody who’s waiting for 5pm and for their end of month pay check will hold you back. Put the company before your personal needs and you’re likely to see this repaid in the long run.

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