Are Holidays Worth Taking?

We came across an interesting article from recruitment Buzz recently, which looked at whether holidays really do help us to relax and return stress-free. Below, we have summarised accordingly.
On the whole, as a nation, we are constantly looking forward to summer and holiday time. We crave the getaway and the ability to relax on sandy shores, hoping to return after our breaks with less stress and more energy.

However, a recent study has revealed that many of us who manage to find time to get away return feeling just as stressed as before we left. Some of us even feel worse!

41% of all candidates asked during the survey experienced no positive outcome when returning from their holidays, with a fifth of all respondents citing heightened stress. The main reason for this was discovered to be the monstrous workload that comes after an absence from the office.

Of the individuals who returned more stressed than they left, 60% were women, and 50% admitted that they had to work longer hours to prepare for their getaway. Interestingly, the holiday-goers who returned with less stress managed to maintain their normal working hours.

The survey also uncovered that 15% of people fail to use all of their annual holiday, with most admitting that it’s because they don’t trust their colleagues to complete their work properly. Whilst it’s an honourable trait to be so committed to the high standard of work, almost half of people admitted that whilst on holiday they would ignore calls from work.

When researching the causes of stress at work, the survey found that 63% of people think it is caused bytheir workload, 24% a lack of resources and 22% a lack of support from superiors.‘s job search helps you find the right vacancies for your individual skill set.